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Joanne Reffe Fishbane, DMD | Sleep Apnea in West Windsor

Joanne Reiffe Fishbane, DMD

Princeton Junction Dentistry


Sleep Apnea

Dr. Fishbane’s Role in Sleep Apnea

If you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, or think you may have it, we can help. A dentist can detect the less evident symptoms of sleep apnea through a conversation and with an exam. People with sleep apnea usually do not remember waking up during the night. Some of the symptoms may include:

• Morning headaches
• Excessive fatigue
• Irritability
• Excessive snoring, choking, or gasping during sleep
• Insomnia
• Awakening with a dry mouth or sore throat
• High blood pressure

Dr. Fishbane has undergone special training for the treatment of sleep apnea and is very skilled in its management using behavioral modification and dental appliances, but a confirmed diagnosis from a sleep medicine specialist is required before any treatment can begin. Because sleep apnea can be a silent condition, it can go undiagnosed for many years. It is important to identify the conditions and properly treat them.

With patients who have obstructive sleep apnea the airway is blocked and air does not move through. Patients who have mild to moderate sleep apnea can be treated with an oral appliance. “Like any appliance they do require some adjustment and a commitment on the part of the patient, but they are typically as easy to wear as most retainers or other removable dental appliances,” says Dr. Fishbane.

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